For us, every day is World Environment Day, and Candes Technology aims to plant over 10,000 trees this year with your help. If we want to breathe and save trees, we must educate the general public about the importance of trees in our society.

With Candes technology, you can help the environment by planting a tree in your neighborhood every year and being the change!

Sustainable solutions are required to alter our environment. As a result, Candes launched a campaign to support the plant-tree movement, efforts to reduce paper usage by going paperless, and improved land-use planning.

In 2022, 3,333 trees will be planted in various parts of India, while 7,777 trees will be planted in 2023. We are coming closer to realizing our ambition of planting millions of trees to rescue our planet with each step. Every day, a single tree provides oxygen for up to four people; don't you think they're worth saving? Our dedication to the environment is growing, and you can join our #SmartIndiakaSmartMovement to save our future and the environment.

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