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Very happy to purchase the product, good budget price, Nice design, perfect working, and also its anti dust technology is very good. Thanks for the good products..

by Ravindra Reddy

Candes Android TV is amazing and very pocket friendly.. I am Lovin it

by Harish

Happy with the stabilizer. Bought for AC.

by Manish Saxena

I bought a blender last week. Believe me it is awesome. Whether blending hot soup or making banana shake, it is my bestie in kitchen (:


Why Choose Candes?

  • Free Door Step Service ToKeep You Tension Free

  • Trusted by over 1million users

  • Keeps your electricitybill to a minimum

  • Highest Ratings AcrossAll Marketplaces

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  • 7000+ Ratings
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  • 100+ Ratings

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