Candes technology is one of the largest consumer enterprises in India, offering a diverse range of products and services to meet your requirements. Founded in 2010, we are an independent company managed by professionals who reinvent home appliances and offer revolutionary products to our customers. There are a variety of products available from us, such as fans, geysers, heaters, LED lights, toasters, and others.

With a multitude of cutting-edge features and designs, Candes' technology for home and kitchen appliances has never been more appealing. We prioritize our clients' needs when it comes to manufacturing.

As we stated, "Smart India ka Smart Home", we aim to provide our customers with the most elevated quality smart technologies in a compact and easy-to-operate invention at the most reasonable price. Candes technology provides a whole slew of benefits to enhance your experience.

Our Journey

Journey Started
Journey Started
With an aim of providing all home & kitchen electrical appliances in one place, in 2010 we started our journey from ceiling fans and geysers. We decided to make India's best fan and geyser which can be affordable to every consumer.
Introduced New Products
Introduced New Products
By receiving a massive response from ceiling fans and geysers in 2015 we decided to launch new products in categories such as Stabilizers, Immersion rods, Room heaters, Gas Stoves, LEDs, Toasters, Mixer Grinders, Irons, Smart Gadgets.
Launched Candes on E-commerce
Launched Candes on E-commerce
In 2018, We launched Candes on the e-commerce platform, with all love and support given by our valued customers within a short span of time thus we became top sellers on all e-commerce platforms.
This is the starting of achievements and many more to come.....
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