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Why Choose CANDES

  • by Sumit Kumar

Whenever buying appliances or electronics, we always look for distinction, some unique aspect that sets it apart. It may be a new feature, exceptional build quality, attractive offers, and so on. The reliability and functionality an appliance offers make it the ultimate buying option. Thus, it is better to research and make the right choice instead of haphazardly buying and repenting later. What you need more than stark specifications and compelling offers is a brand you can trust, and with so many out there, it is hard to find one you can rely on.


Candes TV


Candes is a one-stop solution to all these worries. Our motto is to make smart appliances available to every household in India. From fans, TVs, kitchen, and bathroom appliances, Candes is revolutionizing the common devices used in every home. With best-in-class build quality, exceptional customer service, and Candes’ reliability, you are sure to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Candes’ Appliances

Our top-rated appliances have been received very well by over a million happy customers.

 Candes Fan

Candes ceiling fans are the most popular range of our appliances. Made with durable and robust materials and an anti-dust coating, they’ll last for decades. Our smart IoT-enabled fan can be seamlessly linked to google assistant or Alexa and can be easily operated with voice commands, including controlling speed, modes, etc. Except for the excellent build quality, they have elegant looks and will be the eye-catching centerpiece of your room.

Other than our best-selling fans, Candes smart Led TVs to come in a variety of sizes – from 24” to 43”. Equipped with the latest Android interface, they have a vibrant display and a full-HD picture quality with bright colors. What makes it the perfect buy for your home is the affordability and Candes’ renowned customer service. Our ranges of products also include high-speed washing machines and instant water heaters at a feasible cost.

Candes Geyser 

Candes also provides all kinds of appliances for your kitchen. Our high-speed and durable mixer grinder has been received very well by our customers. We also have robust gas stoves with ergonomically designed nylon knobs and a beautiful toughened glass top that will make sure cooking experience more elegant! Our heavy-weight electric irons are built to last and come in a range of designs. They have a thick Teflon coating, and with an efficient copper element, the power intake is marginally reduced. The soleplate of these handy home appliances is non-stick coated to ensure that in case of over-heating, your favorite outfits don’t get harmed. Besides these appliances, Candes also has a range of hand blenders and electric choppers to make blending and chopping a breeze! Our non-stick toaster and stainless-steel electric kettle will make your breakfast more interesting! For chilly winters, we have a variety of room heaters. Our 2000W all-in-one silent fan heater has anti-freeze protection, auto safety cut-off, and an integral carry handle which is suitable for use in both flat and upright positions, and it gives an even distribution of heat throughout the room. We also have a halogen heater with noiseless operation. Candes halogen room heaters make the heating process much faster and warm up your room instantly. The three halogen rods effectively heat any given surroundings at adjustable temperatures.

On the customer support side, Candes offers doorstep service to keep you tension-free from any issues. Candes appliances are also ingeniously engineered, which helps save electricity and keeps your bill to a minimum.

Know more about Candes and our products by visiting our website and order smart appliances for a smart India!



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Why Choose Candes?

Free Door Step Service To Keep You Tension Free

Trusted by over 1 million users

Keeps your electricity bill to a minimum

Highest Ratings Across All Marketplaces