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Best-in-class heating & safety with Candes Water Heater!

  • by Sumit Kumar

It's getting cold, isn't it? And we all are dying to have a long, rejuvenating hot water bath. But water heaters can be high maintenance these days. Owning a water heater can be a hassle due to the constant malfunctions, electricity usage, and endless service requirements. Not to mention non-uniform heating, which can get annoying.

But the utility of a water heater cannot be overlooked. A water heater is one of the most vital items in any home in an area where the winter is extreme or moderate. Even if you don't have a problem with cold water in the winter, an instant water heater can be a useful solution to hot water instantly for cleaning utensils and other activities.

Water heaters have been revolutionized by technological advances and can do more than heat water. These appliances were dangerous to use decades ago, posing the hazard of electrocution in the event of unintentional contact. Closed-lid electric heaters were once ubiquitous heating equipment, but they took a long time to heat the water, and the level of hotness varied depending on how long they were turned on. If you leave it on for too long, the water will become too hot, and if you switch it off too early, the water will not be warm enough to be useful.

What changed?

The array of issues that geysers posed earlier, like the risk of electrocution, slow heating, increased energy usage, have now been minimized by the cutting-edge technology used in their manufacturing. Features like Increased insulation, durable elements, automatic cutoff and many more have made owning a water heater a wonderful experience today. Gone are the days where you'd have to wait endlessly for the water to heat and worry about the electricity bill. Now, you can switch it on and forget about all of these worries. The inculcation of high-grade copper heating elements into the industry has made the heating process much faster and efficient.


Candes water heaters – best-in-class!

Candes water heaters are what your bathroom needs this winter. Our appliances make use of some of the best materials out there, and their reliability and durability are what sets them apart from the others. Our water heater ranges include our instant heaters and storage heaters, so whether you need instant hot water for your kitchen or bathroom or you want to store and heat it at your convenience, we've got you covered!

Our water heaters are made from a rust-free, high-impact thermoplastic body, giving them a polished and sophisticated look. They are well-equipped with industry-leading features like automatic cutoff and high-grade silicon rubber insulation to save electricity and keep you and your loved ones safe. Our gas heater is perhaps the best choice for areas where electricity distribution is uneven and irregular. It boasts of a Copper Heat Exchanger, Stainless Steel Burners and all the features you can imagine!

Candes heaters also have a highly Precise Thermostat Control, which allows you to set just the right temperature for your baths and an ABS shock-proof makes them a sturdy and robust package. Whether the purpose is cleaning, bathing or washing, our appliances provide unparalleled water-heating solutions.

Still not convinced? Our heaters go through a strict manufacturing and vigorous testing procedure so that you get a reliable product that lasts for decades on end. And in the case of any issues, are appliances come with a 1-year warranty and door-step, instant service to make sure all your needs are being fulfilled, hassle-free!

Need a best-in-class water heater that is safe and reliable? Hop on board with Candes water-heaters this winter!


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