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Benefits of choosing Candes Washing machine.

  • by Sumit Kaushik

Washing machines came in effect to make your laundry day hassle-free, while top load washers were in charge of the clothing scene when they were first presented in 1947.

Many individuals still Favour top load washing machines due to their contemporary options.

With so many distinctive clothes washers available today, how would you search for the right top-load clothes washer for you? Here is a guide for you.

Prepared to Purchase a New Washer?

Your washing machine helps keep your family running, so you need to ensure you get the best for your financial plan. That's where India's best washing machine company comes into play.

Candes world provides home and kitchen appliances at reasonable costs and remains India's most trusted & leading home appliances company.


Looking for budget-friendly washing machines?

All machines at candes are highly affordable and are the best semi-automatic washing machines. The following are a couple of choices to browse from.

 Candes Washing Machine 6.5KG 

                                    Candes Washing Machine 7.2KG 

                                      Candes Washing Machine 9KG 


  • Transparent PP Maroon wash & spin category.
  • 15 Minute wash time.
  • 5 Minute Spin time.
  • Normal/Strong type of wash program.


  • 1300-1500 RPM
  • Anti-Rodent
  • High Capacity

 Top Load machine are easier to get repaired.

Assuming that your clothes washer separates and you want to bring in an expert.

     These machines utilize normal parts and components, so both parts and services are easier to get. Front-load clothes washers are more complicated and may take additional time and cash to sort out.

  • They Don't Require Special Detergent.

         Top load machines can work with any detergent, but front-load machines require High productivity cleansers, which can be more costly than standard clothing cleansers.


  • Easy to use

            Individuals having back issues can be on a safer side while using top load washing machines.


  • Need a quick wash?

            Top Load clothes washers follow instigator which is better prepared to wash garments at a quicker rate. In this manner, Top Load clothes washers ought to be your ideal decision with regards to speed.


  • Are you water conscious just like us?

            Front Loading clothes washers are most conservative with regards to  saving water and it utilizes less water.

Why Choose Candes?

  • Free Door Step Service to Keep You Tension Free

        Stressed? Why don’t you buy a Candes washing machine which comes with free doorstep service to keep you tension-free?

  • Trusted by over 1 million users

            We have a satisfied customer base of over 1 million users, and we will be more than obliged to serve more.

  • Keeps your electricity bill to a minimum

           Candes washing machines are a saver to your electricity bills. They keep the bill to a minimum.

  • Highest Ratings Across All Marketplaces

            We are happy to state that we acquire the highest ratings across all marketplace and keep up with it.


Step by step instructions to clean a top-load clothes washer

  1. To completely clean a top-stacking clothes washer, first, ensure the machine and the gadgets don't have any extra cleanser.
  2. Then to remove all dust particles and bacteria in the cleaning process, fill the machine with hot water
  3. Then restart the cycle and let it sprint to completely clean the drum and wash away any extra remains.


Steps to clean the outside of the machine

  1. Grab a microfiber cloth and an old toothbrush. Completely wipe down the control board and handles, and afterward the top, front, and sides of the machine.
  2. You can clean the washing machine twice a year for better results and long usage.


Why us? Candes is home to some of the cost-effective and best washing machines in India 2021. They are packed with incredible features. The modern features coupled with an attractive design make washing with these machines a pleasant experience.

Improve your laundry experience with the wide range of semi-automatic washing machines from Candes! Contact us now!



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Why Choose Candes?

Free Door Step Service To Keep You Tension Free

Trusted by over 1 million users

Keeps your electricity bill to a minimum

Highest Ratings Across All Marketplaces