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5 Tips to Choose the Right Mixer Grinder

  • by Sumit Kaushik

Everyone in India has a basic understanding of what a mixer is. We grew up listening to its loud grinding sound and our moms whipping up a spicy coriander chutney for dosa's or pureed tomatoes with onions for a spicy curry. Mixer grinders are one of the most basic appliances; however, one that is a must-have!

Cooking has become enjoyable as mixer grinders become more efficient and superior with technological advances. It is possible to make ice cream, puree blend, grind and blend in mere seconds, and then prepare any food you'd like. When creating the most delicious meals for yourself and your loved ones, it's only appropriate to keep up with the times and change to the top Indian mixer.

Suppose you're an absolute novice to grinders or a veteran of cooking appliances. In that case, we can assure you that you'll gain a bit of knowledge about selecting the most efficient mixer grinder available. Read on!

  1. Number of jars:

Sometimes, we think that the number of jars equipped with a mixer grinder doesn't necessarily make a difference. But, the two or three containers serve a variety of purposes. They are great for grinding masalas or creating pastes or chutneys, and the larger ones allow you to create shakes or batters. We offer smart mixer grinders with three stainless steel jars, making it easier to complete the cooking chores.

  1. Speed:

Its RPM for a mixer is another determining element since it tells the user how fast the blade can turn per minute. For a common mixer, between 18000 and 23000 RPM is sufficient. A juicer mixer is best suited to moderate to low RPM for functioning efficiently. With a higher speed, the spices or liquids may not be mixed or grounded efficiently. Find a mixer grinder with a speed control knob or switch to adjust the settings to meet your requirements.

  1. Wattage:

A key aspect you should examine when buying the mixer grinder is – how much power it possesses. The higher wattage can be useful in grinding harder ingredients and at a higher speed. Anywhere from 500 to 750 W is adequately suitable for the Indian kitchen.

  1. Design:

 The look that you pick will complement your kitchen but don't forget that it should be affordable. Candes mixers come with ergonomic designs. The mixers, including the top-selling model, come with chrome-plated knobs and take up the smallest area in the kitchen. Furthermore, it is visually appealing and blends well with the interior of your kitchen.

  1. Blades' materials:

 The blades of your mixer grinder are those which do the bulk part of your work. The stainless-steel blades are suitable for grinder jars, particularly the stainless steel 304 grade. Blades made of premium-quality stainless steel are not susceptible to rusting quickly and last for a longer time. Furthermore, the sharp blades are also maintained for longer durations of time and can function effortlessly.

  1. Price:

Not the last! Albeit an important one. The mixer grinder price will be contingent on the features it provides you, as well as its overall quality. There are a few low-cost alternatives available. However, they do not be equipped with the top features. It would be best to buy a mixer grinder suitable to your needs so you don't end up overspending.

We recommend value-for-money mixer grinders by Candes World, which will be the ideal appliance for your kitchen. Candes World provides the best mixer grinders in India.


Tips for Using A MIXER GRINDER

  1. When grinding, make sure your blades remain entirely covered by the material to be crushed. Make sure to take a break at least 1 minute after grinding for three minutes.


  1. The Grinder Jar should be filled only about ¼th of its capacity. Add the necessary quantity of milk or water to ensure that the blades do not become stuck.
  2. If you're looking to whip something with the appliance, you can use the pulse function to accomplish it to get the texture you want.
  3. Before you start the machine, make sure that the lids and jars are securely secured and placed. Don't remove or change jars once the motor is turned on.
  4. In the course of dry grinding, the jar could be heated by friction. It's not a problem.


Here are some methods to clean your mixer Grinder:

  1. If the food is stuck in the blade, make sure to fill the jar with some drops of soap liquid and move it slowly. The jar will be thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Clean the appliance using a moist towel to maintain its longevity and appearance for a long time.
  3. Don't use any abrasive scrub pads or steel wool for cleaning the jars or the body of your appliance.
  4. If you are cleaning the base of your unit, be sure not to use water since it could seep into the unit, leading to more destruction.


Why us? Candes is home to some of the lowest-cost and best mixer grinders in India 2021. They are packed with incredible features. The mixers can be a great choice for all budgets. The modern features coupled with an attractive design make mixing with these mixers a pleasant experience.


Improve your grinding experience with the wide range of mixer grinders from Candes! Contact us now!


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